Third Sector Fundraising Innovation Forum Agenda

March 2022

Session 1: Keynote Speaker Session 

Session 2: Panel Discussion - Campaign : Effective targeting and advertising. 

What is the value of an effective publicity or advertising campaign beyond increasing awareness? How can charities successfully plan one? What tools do they need and who/where can they look to for inspiration? What are some examples of effective campaigns? What does the charity campaign of the future look like?

Session 3: Case study-Collaborative: How to build a beneficial corporate partnership. 

What benefits does a corporate partnership offer for charities? What about for service users? How can it engage the public and donors? Are there any downsides/challenges? How can you set up a corporate partnership? What are the dos and don’ts of deciding who to partner with?

Session 4: Case study - Reimagine: Solidifying donor loyalty through brand refresh

Why and when should you do a brand refresh? What benefits does it offer for brand awareness? How can it help you stay relevant to stakeholders and donors? What are the tips for refreshing your brand to make it more memorable? Talk through the process, considerations and logistics for making it happen. 

More details to be announced soon.